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ABOUT 08TO80.COM is the website for a large urban international ageless public. is being characterized by colorful, fun, life, personal care, design, comfort and urban cherry picking.
We are distinctive because we build our collection of illustrative, colorful and cheerful urban outfits and gadgets from around the world. 

A number of brands in Europe and the USA are exlusively sold exclusively sold through

08TO80 and her brands focuses not only on design but also on contemporary art!


The numbers 08 and 80 and the letters TO; mean we are physically aging but we keep young mentally. In Asian culture these numbers also mean more prosperity and happiness.  

OUR STORY was founded in 2012 the founder who has drawn his inspiration from the many trips he made to cities all over the world.

Besides our exclusive brands selected through we also develop our own articles. Typical of our collection are the colorful and lively elements you can find in the Asian streets. Compassion and a strong desire to create.

Our pay off: For All Moods®

08TO80 is the exclusive and official distributor in Europe for the brand. 



NO2GOOD will be officially selling at, 08TO80 is the 1st official distributor and online retailer of STAY REAL within Europe. Stay Tuned, Stay Real. Stay Real is the most fashionable brand throughout Asia and is famous because of the exclusive prints and urban designs.





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