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Brand Vision

We would like to cheer up the streetscape. How is 08TO80 going to do this? This is quite simple, through hip, colorful leisurewear and accessories for a large urban public. With a sense of humor, originality, happiness, cartoons and graphic design our articles have been selected and produced. The inspiration for 08TO80 is given by the contemporary artists and cartoonists.

Urban focus on ageless (young) people who want to (continue to) feel young. Timelessness says nothing about the age of people it says something about how you feel.

08TO80 is known for its originality, colorful prints, bright colors and high quality. designs, imports, manufactures clothing, gifts and design. 


08TO80 For All Moods! is the urban company for a large urban international ageless public. 08TO80 would like to color daily life through urban cherry picking. Urban Cherry picking; the most distinctive fashion and gadgets from around the globe for leisure time.

08TO80 sell street styled brands with special attention to Asia.
In recent years, Asia is very distinctive and very hip in fashion.
In the big cities in Asia, sales of fashion products in the past five years tripled.

08TO80 wants to attract City's achingly hip Fashionistas. We focus on a large urban public wanting to be distinctive in their spare time.

Trademark Protection®

Trademark protection® is registered and deposited with The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) registers of the Community Trade Mark in the European Union Europe. Our name, logo and pay off; For All Moods® is registered in 27 countries. Our web store contains both authentic products as well as products from approved suppliers.